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Did you know now we are doing ELECTRIC VEHICLE Charger & Motor Controller Drive Service...

Kanini Technology is one of the biggest chip level service centers in Coimbatore. Since 1999 more than 21 years of expertise in "electronic based chip level service" of computer accessories, we had a huge number of customer network (more than 3500 Resellers & Service providers) all over Tamilnadu. Kanini has the biggest team of engineers with strong knowledge and experience in this service field. Kanini has excellent testing and service equipment even to replace BGA chipsets like Intel, Nvidia, ATI, etc. Kanini also extended its service to Industrial components like Industrial displays, Industrial CPUs, Industrial power supplies, and Home Sector products like LCD/LED/3D TVs.

We are Smartcity Coimbatore based company, we are giving offers for computer repair and service if you having any issues with your Desktop PC/ Laptop or other material problems we can able to salve that issues like Gentle manner.

Advantage with Kanini Technology

  •   Free pickup and delivery within 5km surrounding.
  • Customized software to handle all service materials with full call records.
  • 15 days spare warranty and 30 days service warranty.
  • Diagnosing service material at free cost

Our Best Services

  •  Laptop Hinges Replacement.
  •  Government laptop service.
  •  Battery & Adapter Replacement.
  •  Hard Drive & Ram Replacement.
  •  Laptop Screen Replacement.
  •  Motherboard Chip Level Repair.
  •  Data Recovery & Hard disk service.
  •  Projector Service.
  •  CCTV Camera / DVR service.
  •  All Types of Printers service.
  •  Laptop accessories.