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Did you know now we are doing ELECTRIC VEHICLE Charger & Motor Controller Drive Service...

We are backed by a team of highly qualified and proficient professionals, who hold vast industrial experience and in-depth knowledge in their respective domains. Our professionals work closely with our clients in order to comprehend their specifications and provide them suitable solutions in the best possible manner. In all these years we have established our-self as a reliable, dependable, customer-oriented company.

Outdoor LED Video Wall


1. Customer can use this for multipurpose. (E.g.: Name Boards, Advertisement, Gave information like Discount, Greetings, Offers, etc, In Events, Meetings, Election Campaign & Parties, In Functions, Stadium (Sports), Industrial Purpose, Transport, Railway and Airport Information Displays etc.)

2. Easy and user-friendly programming

3. Customer can change the needed designs in a fraction of seconds.

4. Having a good view from long distances.

5. Extra Brightness and also adjustable with time schedule.

6. We can expand the base size of the LED display according to customer's requirement

7. Very much attractive & Colourful.

8. Easy to connect with PC or Mobile in all ports. (eg: USB, LAN, Wifi, GSM)

9. Multi-colour Video wall display up to any size according to customer requirement.